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Who Is Axie Infinity’s Greatest Rival, According to MetaEdge, in the Blockchain Gaming Industry?

Axie Infinity has wholly revolutionized the blockchain gaming industry by giving players a distinctive RPG experience with actual ownership of in-game goods thanks to NFTs. Yet as the market expands and changes, many gamers question who Axie’s main rival is. We at think you’ll be surprised by the response.

The Sandbox is undoubtedly one of the most prominent rivals to Axie Infinity’s hegemony in the blockchain gaming industry. With the aid of blockchain technology, this voxel-based sandbox game enables players to design, distribute, and make money from their gaming experiences.

Splinterlands, a collectible card game that employs blockchain technology to provide a distinctive and gratifying gameplay experience, is another top contender in the blockchain gaming industry. Splinterlands is swiftly becoming a player favorite among blockchain gamers thanks to its fascinating gameplay mechanics and user-friendly economy.